Is it possible to restart the game?

The game cannot be restarted. But you can complete all the levels again in any sequence. To do this, just click the block with the level number and tap "Play".

How many levels are there in the game?

The number of levels in the game is not limited.

New levels appear with updates.

What are gold coins needed for and how to get them?

Монеты 100х100 01

Gold coins are needed to buy boosters. You can win them in the Wheel of Fortune, receive as a gift from a friend or buy.

How many lives are available for a player?

Жизнь 100х100

A player has 5 lives.

How much does the recovery of life take?

The recovery of one life takes 25 minutes.

What is a VIP-status and what are its advantages?

Вип 100х100 01

VIP-status is:

  • + 10 seconds in time levels
  • + 2 turns in turn levels
  • + 1 to boss damage
  • + To wizardry art (avatar with “VIP” sign)

How to open a new location?

A player must complete all the opened levels at least with 1 star.

What are the varieties of the game?

There are levels with limited turns, limited time, dropping runes, sprint-level (a kind of time level where a player is to collect different combinations in successive order), and also a fight with Motimer.

What the stars on the levels are given for?

Stars at the levels are given for fulfilling conditions. The better the level is completed the more stars are given as a reward.