What are potions?

Potions are standard game elements which can be collected by combining them in a row of three or more items.

What kinds of potions are there?

There are Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and Beige potions.

What are the combinations of potions?

1. Three in a row - doesn't have any additional effects.

2. Four in a row - creates a linear potion which destroys its row or column.

3. L-shaped combination creates a cross potion which destroys all the potions in its column and row.

4. T-shaped combination creates a bomb potion which destroys all the potions around itself.

5. Five in a row - creates a super potion.

6. A combination of two super potions destroys all the elements on the field.

Effects of super potions

Super potions have different effects depending on the colour:

Yellow super potion destroys three horizontal and three vertical lines.

Purple super potion collects from the field all the purple potions or those set in the task.

Green super potion destroys all the elements in the chosen direction.

Beige super potion damages the boss or adds points.

Blue super potion allows to destroy three elements at choice.

Red super potion turns unnecessary elements into necessary.

What are silver and golden potions?

Silver and golden potions are an improved form of ordinary potions. When being collected silver potions are counted as two and golden - as three.

Only potions that are to be collected according to the task of the level can become silver or golden.

To improve a potion you should collect any combination of potions near it.